[Dadju] J’ai toujours voulu faire du bif, sortir du noir Depuis l’époque du sac-à-dos Focaliser sur l’avenir, la ‘sique, pour moi N’était autre qu’un sale cadeau À [...]

  • La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    Mes chaussures sont aussi pourries Que celles des gens qui passent ici Mon manteau n’est pas beaucoup plus neuf Que celui du pauvre Rutebeuf Moi, j’ai mal au dos comme tout l’monde Des [...]

  • Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    [La Fouine] : Il est vrai j’ai trop d’adversaires, Depuis qu’j’ai quitté la terre, terre ferme. Il ferraient tout pour me faire taire. Mais derrière-moi, j’ai de vrais, [...]

  • Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Ma raison somnolait Ma conscience me conseillait Mon subconscient m’déconseillait Mais mon esprit veut s’envoler Stop, repense à tes mômes De quoi tu m’parles ? Mâche un peu [...]

  • Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You [Verse 1] I don’t know just how it happened, I let down my guard. Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard. Guess I should have seen it coming, Caught me by surprise. I [...]

  • Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me When I don’t want to forget Where I come from, I think of your moose your class And I’m back home. I’ve got your rythm in my blood, Your crazy touch in my soul, My [...]

  • Le Graal – Kyo

    Le Graal – Kyo

    Comme Indie j’ai cherché le graal La jeunesse éternelle Le botox dans les veines J’arrête de fumer et de boire Chaque dimanche, chaque semaine J’ai rechuté hier Estomaqué par [...]


Derniers Tubes

  • Paroles : Mr. Lonely Man de Chris Isaak

    Now Listen to me Hey Mr Lonely Man I don’t think you understand I look in that mirror You look so sad You ain’t slept a wink in days Haven’t had a thing to say Since the girl left its all gone bad What are we gonna do It’s gonna […]

  • Paroles : It’s Five O’clock Somewhere de Alan Jackson

    The Sun Is Hot And That Ol’ Clock Is Movin’ Slow And So Am I Workday Passes Like Molassas In Wintertime But It’s July Gettin’ Paid By The Hour And Older By A Minute My Boss Just Pushed Me Over The Limit I’d Like To Call Him Somethin’ But Think […]

  • Paroles : Don’t Get Me Down (come On Over Here) de The Walkmen

    We Spend A Week Awake But We Leave The Calls Tonight. The Locals Keep Us Up All Day And Night. Seen The Northern Lights And We?ve Seen The Milky Way And I Miss Home Much More Than They Miss Me. Don?t Waul, Shout It Out. Don?t Waul, Shout It Out. […]

  • Paroles : Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only) de The Beatles

    Paroles : Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only) de The Beatles

    Ah, look at all the lonely people Ah, look at all the lonely people Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been Lives in a dream Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door Who is […]

  • Paroles : Wing de Patti Smith

    Paroles : Wing de Patti Smith

    I was a wing in heaven blue soared over the ocean soared over Spain and I was free needed nobody it was beautiful it was beautiful I was a pawn didn’t have a move didn’t have nowhere that I could go but I was free I needed nobody it was […]

  • Paroles : One Day Closer To You de Carolyn Dawn Johnson

    My married friends keep asking When I’ll settle down They tell me time is passing And there’s not too many good ones still around I tell them I am not afraid to be alone There’s no need to rush into something wrong So I’m not going to worry No I’m […]

  • Paroles : Simmer Down de Bob Marley

    Paroles : Simmer Down de Bob Marley

    Simmer down, you lickin’ too hot, so Simmer down, soon you’ll get dropped, so Simmer down, can you hear what I say Simmer down, that why won’t you, why won’t you, why won’t you simmer down Simmer down. Long time people dem used to say What sweet nanny goat a […]

  • Paroles : The Answer Lies de Air Supply

    (Graham Russell) Reach into your heart when you are near me The answer lies at hand Throw away all your fears of getting nowhere For all your moves are planned So don’t spend too much time waiting by the door For you will never see right thru’ Just walk right […]

  • Paroles : Sucka Sucka de RUN DMC

    [Chorus: DMC] Keep it real sucka sucka don’t lie sucka sucka [4X] Don’t want no fake people in my face no more Ain’t givin fake people handshakes no more Don’t want no fake people in my face no more Ain’t lettin fake people in my space no more [DMC] Sucker […]

  • Paroles : Hello And Goodbye de Madonna

    Paroles : Hello And Goodbye de Madonna

    (Eva:) Hello and goodbye, I just unemployed you You can go back to school You’ve had a good run, I’m sure he enjoyed you Don’t act sad or surprised, let’s be friends, civilized Come on little one, don’t sit there like a dummy The day you knew would arrive is […]

  • Paroles : THE BALLAD OF THE ARCHITECT ANGEL de Bruce Springsteen

    The architect angel held Juda ranch. Just a dirty mile down on the borderline. Where he mastered blastin’ and hustled young cattle for slaughter And dated Juda’s daughter. From the cellar aways to the attics and all across the plains Broke electric static of religious strain, And though he was […]

  • Paroles : Une Demoiselle Sur Une Balancoire de Yves Montand

    Une demoiselle sur une balançoire Se balançait à la fête un dimanche Elle était belle et l’on pouvait voir Ses jambes blanches sous son jupon noir… Le marchand lui criait : « Voulez-vous vous asseoir Descendez, descendez, c’est assez pour ce soir, Si vous restez debout Vous allez vous casser le […]

  • Paroles : Willing & Waiting de Mary J. Blige

    Willing and waitng… But it’s all up to you… 1st Verse: The very first time I layed my eyes on you I knew you were the one. Nothing can compare to all the times that we both had some fun. B-Sect: Sometimes I wanna cry. Cause boy I realized I […]

  • Paroles : Revolution de 30 Seconds to Mars

    Paroles : Revolution de 30 Seconds to Mars

    Tonight, it’s a revolution Tonight, we’re going to war We’re going to war We’re going tonight You better make a decision Tonight, It’s the end of the world It’s the end of the world I’m not a patriot I’m not illegal I’m not a fugitive I’m un-American* I’m un-American* I […]

  • Paroles : Seconds de U2

    Paroles : Seconds de U2

    Takes a second to say goodbye Say goodbye, oh, oh, oh It takes a second to say goodbye Say goodbye, oh, oh, oh, say bye bye Where you going to now Lightning flashes across the sky East to west, do or die Like a thief in the night See the […]

  • Paroles : Mesmerize de Ja Rule

    Haha Yea What Up Ma Yea I Know, I Know It’s All Good Murder Inc Girl Your Stare Those Eyes I Love It When You Look At Me Baby Your Lips, Your Smile I Love It When You Kiss Me Baby Your Hips Those Thighs I Love It When You […]

  • Paroles : Shattered de Pantera

    It’s storming broken glass, corpses left in piles Ungracious bludgeonmnet that breaks the earth for miles Nothing can stop it, the day has come, from below it’s catastrophic Freezing, there’s no healing families are dying This world is shattered… all shattered Life crushing turbulence, this wrath can’t be denied Wishing […]

  • Paroles : Faces de Scary Kids Scaring Kids

    Would You Agree That Were Far From Alright If Only You Could See What We See Through These Eyes I Wont Beleive The Horror That I See Its More Than You Poison Inside Me Turn Away These Faces, We Hide Behind Cutting Through The Otherways, Open Up Our Minds Show […]

  • Paroles : Tout Va Bien de Shy’m

    Paroles : Tout Va Bien de Shy’m

    Un point à la ligne après quelques mots Trop fragile la c?ur lâche avant le grand saut Une image, un sourire sur une photo Ce serait mentir de dire que c’est rien mais tout va bien Et j’y croit encore et encore Ou o ou o ou o ou o […]

  • Paroles : Par Correspondance de Jean Sablon

    J’ai lu dans un journal du soir Qu’avec six francs soixante Chez soi l’on pouvait recevoir Des leçons fort intéressantes J’apprends le tennis et la dance Par correspondance Et je fais des progrès immenses Par correspondance Mon professeur que je ne connais pas Chaque lundi m’envoie quelques bons points Cette […]

  • Paroles : Jessica de Juli

    Jessica ich bring dich ganz groß raus So mit Fans und viel Applaus Dann hältst du’s ohne nicht mehr aus, nie mehr Ich war früher auch mal in einer band Ich weiß nicht ob man die noch kennt Ich bin jetzt mehr so Produzent Naja, zurzeit läuft’s nicht so gut, […]

  • Paroles : Surfacing (live) de Slipknot

    Running out of ways to run I can’t see, I can’t be Over and over and under my skin All this attention is doing me in Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for! Don’t belong! Don’t exist! Don’t give a shit! Don’t ever judge me! […]

  • Paroles : Oh Carolina de Miguel Angel Munoz

    Oh Carolina x4 Me siento ante el espejo, estas ahi No puedo olvirar lo que perdi El amla, el latido de mi ser. Aunque nunca te pofré alvidar Mi mente necesita mucho mas Algo del pasado, del ayer. Volveré a ser como era No te mentiré Yo no quiero nada […]

  • Paroles : The Lord de The Bee Gees

    Verse 1: What do you get for trying? Minute you’re born you’re dying. The body is six feet down.The Lord says the soul sticks around. Chorus: You can believe what you wanna but I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna believe in the Lord. You can believe what you […]

  • Paroles : Don’t Go Breaking My Heart! de Jesse McCartney

    ~Don’t~ ~Don’t~ ~Don’t~ ~Don?t go breaking~ Don?t go breaking my heart I couldn?t if I tried Honey if I get restless Baby you?re not that kind Ohhh Hooo Nobody knows it (Nobody knows it) Right from the start I gave you my heart Ohhh baby You know I gave you […]

  • Paroles : Dangereuse de Krys

    Je voulais toutes les femmes du monde Qu’elles soient fines ou rondes Coureur de jupons ouais ouais Je voulais les petites les grandes Les brunes et les blondes Qui pétaient la forme ouais ouais Mais un jour une reine sur son trône Enlève sa couronne vient pour me faire fondre […]

  • Paroles : Not That Kind Of Love de Alice Cooper

    Hello, my little pretty My, don’t we look YUK Come here! You spend all day picking out your dress I like you dirty when your hair is a mess You smell so sweet walking in the room You don’t have to try so hard to drown me in perfume Don’t […]

  • Paroles : Can’t Stop Loving You de Phil Collins

    Paroles : Can’t Stop Loving You de Phil Collins

    So you’re leaving in the morning on the early train I could say everything’s alright And I could pretend and say goodbye Got your ticket, Got your suitcase Got your leaving smile I could say that’s the way it goes And I could pretend and you want know That I […]

  • Paroles : ALL NIGHT LONG Breakout de Bruce Springsteen

    I was born saved in heaven It was nothing like the promised land Raised in a good Christian house Underneath a good Christian hand I was schooled down and dirty Signed a note back to town It was there that the workers slaved all week Waiting for payday to come […]

  • Paroles : Hexagone de Renaud

    Paroles : Hexagone de Renaud

    Ils s’embrassent au mois de janvier, car une nouvelle année commence, mais depuis des éternités l’a pas tell’ment changé la France. Passent les jours et les semaines, y’a qu’le décor qui évolue, la mentalité est la même, tous des tocards, tous des faux culs. Ils sont pas lourds en février, […]