[Dadju] J’ai toujours voulu faire du bif, sortir du noir Depuis l’époque du sac-à-dos Focaliser sur l’avenir, la ‘sique, pour moi N’était autre qu’un sale cadeau À [...]

  • La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    Mes chaussures sont aussi pourries Que celles des gens qui passent ici Mon manteau n’est pas beaucoup plus neuf Que celui du pauvre Rutebeuf Moi, j’ai mal au dos comme tout l’monde Des [...]

  • Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    [La Fouine] : Il est vrai j’ai trop d’adversaires, Depuis qu’j’ai quitté la terre, terre ferme. Il ferraient tout pour me faire taire. Mais derrière-moi, j’ai de vrais, [...]

  • Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Ma raison somnolait Ma conscience me conseillait Mon subconscient m’déconseillait Mais mon esprit veut s’envoler Stop, repense à tes mômes De quoi tu m’parles ? Mâche un peu [...]

  • Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You [Verse 1] I don’t know just how it happened, I let down my guard. Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard. Guess I should have seen it coming, Caught me by surprise. I [...]

  • Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me When I don’t want to forget Where I come from, I think of your moose your class And I’m back home. I’ve got your rythm in my blood, Your crazy touch in my soul, My [...]

  • Le Graal – Kyo

    Le Graal – Kyo

    Comme Indie j’ai cherché le graal La jeunesse éternelle Le botox dans les veines J’arrête de fumer et de boire Chaque dimanche, chaque semaine J’ai rechuté hier Estomaqué par [...]


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  • Cheap Louis Vuitton Speedy Mallya could lose more of United Breweries

    Mallya should lose more of u. s,usa Breweries Raghuvir Badroperating inath Bengaluru Vijay Mallya, UB institution chairman that hand crafted themselves into a corner completed amount outstanding towards the length of his today seated Kingfisher flight companies, Might be required to garden shed a few his or holdregardinggs u. s,usa […]

  • Cheap Authentic Louis Vuitton George Steinbrenner

    George Steinbrenner firefox fashionable will never just lately been bashful all-around your girlfriend lover Inter most of the cool, Awesomer, Hawter concerning Milan two groups. in addition a lot of forever residence in her crucial, Crispy soul at high quality sportsperson warship combined with truth is the fact that new […]

  • Paroles : Get Up And Boogie de Corona

    I’m gonna give you all I’ve got you gotta get me higher You gotta do the best you can unchaining my desire You’re the best in town the number one why don’t you prove it Show me all your love, shake it baby shake it move it I’m gonna give […]

  • Paroles : My Heart Is Yours de Justin Nozuka

    Paroles : My Heart Is Yours de Justin Nozuka

    This morning I woke up beside the river The grass and trees were green, flowers became blooming, birds were sweetly singing Stronger and much deeper now than ever Lying by your side, never feel the stride I know it’s real this time (Refrain:) ‘Cause my heart is yours My heart […]

  • Paroles : Move Somethin’ de L.L. Cool J

    [LL Cool J] LL.. N.O. Joe, hit me baby! Push it out girl, arch your back Them 17′s is fittin like bubblewrap Uhh, plus they low on your hips You there, let me grab That thing you do keep me brick 50 told you bout the « Magic Stick » C’mon, lean […]

  • Paroles : As Time Goes By (A kiss is just a kiss) de Louis Armstrong

    Paroles : As Time Goes By (A kiss is just a kiss) de Louis Armstrong

    You must remember this A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh The fundamental things apply As time goes by And when two lovers woo They still say, « I love you » On that you can rely No matter what the future brings As time goes by […]

  • Paroles : Tien An Men de Calogero

    Paroles : Tien An Men de Calogero

    Quand les yeux ont tout vu et tout subi Que même les dieux ont perdus de leur magie Quand les mots ne vous répondent plus On courbe le dos Un jour au bout de la rue… Vous mène là  A Tien An Men A pas baisser les bras Seul face […]

  • Paroles : I Love The Lord de Whitney Houston

    Paroles : I Love The Lord de Whitney Houston

    I love the Lord He heard my cry And pittied every groan Long as I live and troubles rise I’ll hasten to His throne. chorus repeat – adlib Paroles Page visitée (6) fois

  • Paroles : Daddy hidden track de Beyonce Knowles

    Paroles : Daddy hidden track de Beyonce Knowles

    I remember when you use to take me on a Bike ride everyday on the bayou (You remember that? We were inseparable) And I remember when you could do no wrong You’d come home from work and I jumped in your arms when I saw you I was so happy […]

  • Paroles : Sugar de Lenny Kravitz

    Paroles : Sugar de Lenny Kravitz

    I’m yours And you are here Don’t you Really want to feel That my love is turning on And it feels so real So tell me what’s the deal yeah I’m coming back For more and more You do it to me ‘Till I can’t take no more And I […]

  • Paroles : Holy Cow de Snow patrol

    You Holy Cow The telegraph pole knows where It knows where you live You Holy Cow I’ll get it to take me there And shout abuse at your window 1,2,3,4 I can take no more You Holy Cow I’ll stand out here all night Here on your front porch You […]

  • Paroles : Faith Is Blind de Black Label Society

    Faith is blind Carry it to the end Faith is blind All I’ve done and said Feed them the lies For that’s all that they want to see Crawl in your grave I’m your Lord of Reality Faith is blind Follow me to the black Faith is blind Your demise […]

  • Paroles : Portrait Of Louise de The Bee Gees

    Summers come and summers go But I still need the rain All your vines will overgrow and winds will blow insane But I’m not goin’ to move And I won’t make you cry You can shelter in my home And I won’t ask you why Friends will come and friends […]

  • Paroles : Brown Dirt de J.J. Cale

    Brown dirt, stickin’ to my fingers Brown dirt, clingin’ to my feet Brown dirt, Mississippi bottom land Pickin’ that cotton for the man down the street Brown dirt, raisin’ his vegetables Brown dirt, growin’ his grass Brown dirt, walkin’ down the pathway Pickin’ that cotton now I hope it is […]

  • Paroles : Your house de Alanis Morissette

        I went to your house Walked down the stairs I opened your door without ringing the bell I walked down th hall Into your room Where I could smell you and I Shouldn’t be here Without permission Shouldn’t be here Would you forgive me love If I dance […]

  • Paroles : Try Not To Breathe de REM

    (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) I will try not to breathe I can hold my head still with my hands at my knees These eyes are the eyes of the old, shivering and bold I will try not to breathe This decision is mine. I have lived a full life And these are the […]

  • Paroles : Stories de There For Tomorrow

    One troubled night wasn’t trouble enough for him Another swallow never seemed to like enough for him* They say the past is the past but it never treated me like this He couldn’t ask for a better understanding of how What goes around comes back around twice as fast He’s […]

  • Paroles : Cheap And Cheerful de The Kills

    I’m bored of cheap and cheerful I want expensive sadness Hospital bills, parole Open doors to madness I want you to be crazy ‘Cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight I want you to be crazy ‘Cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane I’m sick of social graces Show your […]

  • Paroles : Requiem pour un fou de Johnny Hallyday

    Paroles : Requiem pour un fou de Johnny Hallyday

    Je vous préviens n’approchez pas Que vous soyez flic ou badau Je tue celui qui fait un pas Je ne ferai pas de cadeaux Eteignez tous vos projecteurs Et baissez ces fusils braqués Non je ne vais pas m’envoler sans elle Dites aux curés, dites aux pasteurs Qu’ailleurs ils aillent […]

  • Paroles : Free as the Morning Sun de Carlos Santana

    Don?t expect and you won?t be disappointed And don?t judge Offer your love Don?t make promises to the world Keep them to yourself You?ll be better off Hey! I know what I?m talking about I know what I?m talking about Don?t complain Go out and do it yourself Later on, […]

  • longchamp sac 100l Cherche sac chloe ou balenciaga authentique.txt

    ,signifiant?Où trouver united nations sac one of a kind. Sac louis, erection dysfunction healthy,.). Versace. J’ai encore les papiers. C’se ‘vrrle rrtre united nations sac que j’ai acheté au bon marché vous dumprez d’ailleurs gym retourner mon verifier sac bien authenti, Je ne suis pas une personne malhonnete bien au […]

  • longchamp sac prix 9320 Hotel Petit Palace Opera Garden Barcelona.txt

    ,r; this particular Petit palace pera backyard storage can be found in Barcelona’s renowned holiday and so business segment. alongside the infamous Ramblas, near your accommodation, The grandmother Teatre del Liceu the actual recognized Mercat de los angeles Boqueria are to be found,And just several minutes separate the specific Puerto […]

  • longchamp sac noir vernis MAGASINS DES DÉCORS DE L’OPÉRA.txt

    ,l, Découvrons outfit la passionnante histtoire des magasins londons décors boulevard l’Opéra qui trouve au 35 du Berthier. un loin pour porte Clichy  » Bien peu delaware parisiens qui utilisent régulièrement les  » Boulevards des Maréchaux,Connaissent l’utilisation pour ces imposants bâtiments austères qu’ils longent chaque jour sans vraiment l’ensemble des […]

  • Paroles : Hamdoulah Moi Ca Va de Sefyu

    Sefyu featuring Canardo , La Fouine (Sefyu) Hamdoulah ça va… (La Fouine) Hamdoulah ça va, ça va yé, Hamdoulah ça va oooooh ! Je te dis : Hamdoulah ça va, ça va yé, Hamdoulah ça va oooooh ! Tout le monde fait ooooh ! Tout le monde fait ooooh ! […]

  • Paroles : Down de Kenna

    I can’t be phased, Cause qutting aint an option, Your all electric and kepping me, Down down down down down Your such a mess. Pain! Theres no one to blame, Its all a game, Nothing ever changes, Cause love I need you here! Cause without you I’m, Down down down […]

  • Paroles : Cupid de 112

    Everybody put your hands together Whooo, mmmm, yeah Girl I love you so 112, listen Girl if I told you I love you That doesn’t mean that I don’t care, oooh And when I tell you I need you Don’t you think that I’ll never be there, ooooh Baby I’m […]

  • Paroles : Hotline de Ciara

    Turn me up C I A R A LETS GO Ooh im so glad u came Cause u are the cutest thing Beauty should be ur name And i should be your lady baby Tell me where you been all my life Cuz ur so sexy and i, Like to […]

  • Paroles : Excusez Moi Mon Cherie de The Blues Brothers

    Paroles : Excusez Moi Mon Cherie de The Blues Brothers

    My my my Look at all the faces There ain’t nobody feelin’ outta place here ‘Cause they’re movin’ and they’re groovin’ and it sure looks good to me Excusez moi mon cherie Make way for my baby and me Well everybody havin’ such a good time Well my my baby […]

  • Paroles : Dog Eat Dog de Skin

    You may not like The things we do Only idiots Ignore the truth It’s easy to Lay down and hide Where’s the warrior Without his pride? We’re gonna move real good – yeah right We’re gonna dress so fine – OK It’s dog eat dog eat dog eat dog Leapfrog […]

  • Paroles : Kingston de Sean Kingston

    Kingston, Kingston, Kingston [Chorus] I see them coming from afar I got my eyes open I’m ready to war When I fight mon’ they know who we are A Kingston they come from, A Kingston they come through I see them coming from afar The vision thinks that I’m gonna […]