[Dadju] J’ai toujours voulu faire du bif, sortir du noir Depuis l’époque du sac-à-dos Focaliser sur l’avenir, la ‘sique, pour moi N’était autre qu’un sale cadeau À...

  • La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    La Chanson Du Bénévole – Les Enfoirés

    Mes chaussures sont aussi pourries Que celles des gens qui passent ici Mon manteau n’est pas beaucoup plus neuf Que celui du pauvre Rutebeuf Moi, j’ai mal au dos comme tout l’monde Des...

  • Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    Team BS (feat. Sindy, Sultan, Fababy) – La Fouine

    [La Fouine] : Il est vrai j’ai trop d’adversaires, Depuis qu’j’ai quitté la terre, terre ferme. Il ferraient tout pour me faire taire. Mais derrière-moi, j’ai de vrais,...

  • Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Zombie – Maitre Gims

    Ma raison somnolait Ma conscience me conseillait Mon subconscient m’déconseillait Mais mon esprit veut s’envoler Stop, repense à tes mômes De quoi tu m’parles ? Mâche un peu tes mots T’es...

  • Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You – Avicii

    Addicted To You [Verse 1] I don’t know just how it happened, I let down my guard. Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard. Guess I should have seen it coming, Caught me by surprise. I...

  • Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me – HollySiz

    Come Back To Me When I don’t want to forget Where I come from, I think of your moose your class And I’m back home. I’ve got your rythm in my blood, Your crazy touch in my soul, My memory’s...

  • Le Graal – Kyo

    Le Graal – Kyo

    Comme Indie j’ai cherché le graal La jeunesse éternelle Le botox dans les veines J’arrête de fumer et de boire Chaque dimanche, chaque semaine J’ai rechuté hier Estomaqué par la...


Derniers Tubes

  • Paroles : I Don’t Want de Céline Dion

    Paroles : I Don’t Want de Céline Dion

    (Eddy Marnay / R. Musumarra) Douceur d’un ciel d’Amérique Elle pleure comme une musique J’oublies déjà que tu es tout en pleurs C’est déjà novembre sans toi (Softness of a sky from America She cries like a music I already forget that you are crying It’s already november without you) […]

  • Paroles : Three Hits de Indigo Girls

    Three hits to the heart son And it’s poetry in motion. One could send you down the river Three’s a strange way to be delivered. Would you trade your words for freedom? That’s a barter for a blind man Three hits to the heart son, And it’s poetry iParoles

  • Paroles : Wildflowers de Jon Bon Jovi

    She wakes up when I sleep to talk to ghosts like in the movies If you don’t follow what I mean, I sure don’t mean to be confusing They say when she laughs she wants to cry she’ll draw a crowd then try to hide Don’t know if it’s her […]

  • Paroles : Tiramisu De Limon de Joaquin Sabina

    Hice un solo desafinado con las cenizas del amor las verbenas del pasado cangrenan el corazón. Acórtate la falda nueva despiértate al oscurecer túmbate al sol cuando llueva no desordenes mi taller Tiramisú de limón helado de aguardiente muñequita de salón tanguita de serpiente. De madrugada y por la puerta […]

  • Paroles : This Fire de Franz Ferdinand

    Eyes Boring a way through me Paralyse Controlling completely Now There is a fire in me Fire that burns Fire that burns This fire is out of control I’m going to burn this city Burn this city If this fire is out of control Then I I’m out of control […]

  • Paroles : Tomorrow de Datafolk

    She is sleeping in the back seat My cadillac a heart beat Heading for the border With the daughter of the judge I can?t live without her I would never doubt her A band of gold, I can?t afford Is wrapped around her finger And, on the radio they are […]

  • Paroles : Wish You Were Here de Limp Bizkit

    So So you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail A smile from a veil Do you think you can tell? So Do you think we can change Everybody that hates Before it’s too late […]

  • Paroles : Rocket de Mae

    I, I had a dream just you and me And it was all that I wanted to be And so much more ’cause we could soar No gravity keeping me on the floor Please don’t let me float too high Fly away with me You’ve got just what I need […]

  • Paroles : Goin’ Down On It de Hot Action Cop

    Uh uh? Wha wha? Zoom boom boom boom, Uh? Wha wha? Uh uh? One on one, Two on one, Three on one, Add one for fun! Ya gotta flicky flicky flick flick flicky flick yo tongue, Ya run it straight across her belly through her cooch and down her bum, […]

  • Paroles : Hometown Waltz de Rufus Wainwright

    The Drummers And Jugglers In Montreal Don’t Even Exist At All So I’m Tearing Up These Tarot Cards And Venetians Clowns Antique Shops And Alcoholic Homosexuals You May Ask Why I Want To Torch My Home Town Partly It’s Bitterness And Hopping ‘Round And ‘Round Again On Ontario Street Looking […]

  • Paroles : Le quartier de Faf Larage

    Ouais, ouais, Time Bomb explose mec Tu sais, ouais, c’est Faf La Rage mais là C’est pas moi qui rappe fils, c’est le quartier Sa mère c’est la ville, ces filles c’est les tours Écoute fils Ouais mec tu me connais on m’appelle le quartier Cette masse de béton armée […]

  • Paroles : These Days de Sara Evans

    (Sara Evans/Billy Yates) These days seem like years When the nights are spent in tears Tomorrow seems a lifetime away These days, these days Ever since you said good-bye The hands on the clock just take their time I wonder if they always will Cause the minute that you left […]

  • Paroles : J’appuie Sur La Gachette de NTM

    (J.S.:) Seul dans la pénombre avec mon passé, cherchant à  me remémorer les joies et les raisons pour lesquelles j’encaisse la monotonie de cette vie, plus désarmé qu’au premier jour, les années blanches de ma jeunesse se sont laissées posséder. Quant au futur ? Hein le futur ? J’n’ose même […]

  • Paroles : Until The End Of Time de 2Pac

    Paroles : Until The End Of Time de 2Pac

    Until The End Of Time Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side Somewhere inside my childhood witnessed my heart die And even though we both came from the same places The money and the fame made us all change places How could it be – through the misery that […]

  • Paroles : I See Your Face Before Me de Frank Sinatra

    Writer(s): Dietz/Schwartz In a world of glitter and glow In a world of tinsel and show The unreal from the real thing is hard to know I discovered somebody who Could be truly worthy and true Yes, I met my ideal thing when I met you I see your face […]

  • Paroles : Refrigerador de Manã

    Llegó de la fiesta muy frustrado pues nada cayó el sol quiere salir me le adelanto para ir a dormir inanición me invita a ver que encuentro en el comedor abro yo la puerta y veo una nena en mi refrigerador oh. coro Ahí está una nena en mi refrigerador, […]

  • Paroles : Smoke And Mirrors de Gotye

    You’re a fraud and you know it But it’s too good to throw it all away Anyone would do the same You’ve got ‘em going And you’re careful not to show it Sometimes you even fool yourself a bit It’s like magic But it’s always been a smoke and mirrors […]

  • Paroles : My Buddy de Will Smith

    I’d like to know, are you really for some super-dynamite sou Introducing the world’s greatest entertainer The amazing Mr. Beat-Beat himself The hardest working beatbox in show business Ready Rock (Ready, Ready Rock, Ready Rock C) Tell em your name, tell em your name (Ready Rock, Ready Rock, Ready Rock, […]

  • Paroles : Pursuit Of Happiness de Kid Cudi

    Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit Feelin? lit feelin? light, 2 am summer night. I don’t care, hand on the wheel, drivin drunk, I’m doin? my thing Rollin the Midwest side and out livin? my life getting? out dreams People told me slow my roll […]

  • Paroles : En Relisant Ta Lettre de Serge Gainsbourg

    Paroles : En Relisant Ta Lettre de Serge Gainsbourg

    En relisant ta lettre je m’aperçois que l’ orthographe et toi, ça fait deux. C’est toi que j’aime (Ne prend qu’un M) Par-dessus tout Ne me dis point (Il en manque un) Que tu t’en fous Je t’en supplie (Point sur le i) Fais-moi confiance Je suis l’esclave (Sans accent […]

  • Paroles : It Was a Very Good Year de Frank Sinatra

    When I was seventeen It was a very good year It was a very good year for small town girls And soft summer nights We’d hide from the lights On the village green When I was seventeen When I was twenty-one It was a very good year It was a […]

  • Paroles : Je Ne Suis Pas de Amel Bent

    Paroles : Je Ne Suis Pas de Amel Bent

    Je sais que vous l’imaginiez, beaucoup plus belle. Elle, beaucoup plus frêle, Elle, Oh Oh Oh Oh. Je sais que vous la préfèreriez d’un autre âge,un peu plus sage. Oh Oh Oh Oh !!! Je sais qu’il aurait tant aimé vous satisfaire, et pour vous plaire… Ouh ouh ouh !!! […]

  • Paroles : Reflections de Diana Ross

    (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland,Jr.) Through the mirror of my mind Time after time I see reflections of you and me Reflections of The way life used to be Reflections of The love you took from me Oh, I’m all alone now No love to shield me Trapped in a world […]

  • Paroles : Si Te Vas de Shakira

    Paroles : Si Te Vas de Shakira

    cuentame que haràà?¡s despues que estrenes su cuerpo cuando muera tu traviesa curiosidad cuando memorices todos sus recobecos y decidas otra vez regresar ya no estaràà?© aquàà?­ en el mismo lugar si no tiene màà?¡s que un par de dedos de frente y descubres que no se lava bien los […]

  • Paroles : Canned Heat (7 Edit) de Jamiroquai

    You know this boogie is for real I used to put my faith in worship But then my chance to get to Heaven slipped I used to worry about the future But then I threw my caution to the wind I had no reason to be care free No no […]

  • Paroles : Shame de Stabbing Westward

    I only see myself reflected in your eyes so all that I believe I am essentially are lies and everything I’ve hoped to be or ever thought I was died with your belief in me so who the hell am I? I’m wandering ’round confused wondering why i try the […]

  • Paroles : John Doe de Rick Ross

    Paroles : John Doe de Rick Ross

    Ugh, there he go, that’s John Doe There he go, that’s John Doe There he go, that’s John Doe Balling on you bitches like I’m Rondo (Refrain) 24’s, John Doe All gold, John Doe Them boys dealing blow, they John Doe Night work for the load, that’s John Doe I’m […]

  • Paroles : Breathless de The Corrs

    Go on, go on, leave me breathless Come on… yeah The daylight’s fading slowly but time with you is standing still I’m waiting for you only The slightest touch and I’ll feel weak I cannot lie From you I cannot hide I’m losing the will to try Can’t hide it […]

  • Paroles : Binaw de Sebe Alaye

    Iyé Kélébana Djama Kélébana Djama Kélébana Djama Badénya Kélé Bana Iyé Kélébana Djama Kélébana Djama Kélébana Djama Sindjiya Kélé Bana Kana miné oma djama, Kana miné oma Kaminé oma Kanaminé Fadén Koumama Kana miné oma djama, Kana miné oma Kana mi oma Kanaminé Djangan Koumama Kana miné oma djama, Kana […]

  • Paroles : Young Guns de George Michael

    Paroles : Young Guns de George Michael

    Hey sucker (What the hell’s got into you?) Hey sucker (Now there’s nothing you can do) Well I hadn’t seen your face around town awhile, So I greeted you, with a knowing smile, When I saw that girl upon your arm, I knew she won your heart with a fatal […]